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Volunteer Painting Project Spring 2013


Take a look at some of our pictures of the volunteer project we accomplished in the spring of 2013.  In a single day we organized and directed a crew of 25+ volunteers to help spruce up the aging portables at Karshner Elementary School in Puyallup, WA as part of the school’s 60th anniversary.  The portables were pressure washed the week prior and on the single Saturday we were blessed with perfect weather to scrape, fully prime and paint 7 buildings in a single day.  Thanks to Sherwin Williams for donating the paint!  It is that time of the year to get signed up for this painting season.  Next to your roof, paint is your homes first line of defense in when it comes to protecting and preserving the structural integrity of your home.  We offer comprehensive solutions to all of your home improvement needs, if you have siding that needs to be replaced or rot that needs to be repaired we take care of all of that in house so that you don’t need to worry about hiring another contractor to complete your project.

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