Painting and Staining

At Cascade Renovations we specialize in high quality solutions for your painting and staining needs. Whether your exterior finish is getting tired, you’re completely remodeling your interior or just want to change colors there is no job to big or small.

We utilize a tried and true process for all of our painting and staining projects; beginning with the most important aspect, prep work. Prep work will make or break a paint job; a great paint job involves very thorough prep work. This can be different for every home, and we will tailor the job to the needs of the substrate we are working with. We make a deliberate point of masking off all things not to be painted, and use
drop clothes everywhere we work.

Once the prep work is finished we will apply the topcoat, the top coat can be applied in a few different fashions: spray, spray and back-roll, or by 100% brush and roll. Non-porous surfaces are great candidates for the speed and efficiency of straight spray application, if your siding is porous or has cracking, spray with a back roll, or brush and roll will be the way to go to ensure the paint or stain gets worked into the substrate thoroughly. Once the body of the home has been painted we will then hand paint all of the trim, fascia, and accent pieces.

Upon completing the painting we aren’t done yet, at this point we do a clean sweep of the project to ensure all paint chips, plastic, tape, tools, ladders, etc are all cleaned up and your home is put back together cleaner and better looking than the way we found it. At this point we will then present the home to you and invite you to come out and critique our work, we want you to be 100% satisfied with the work done, it is your home and we want you to be ecstatic with the finished product so don’t be shy to ask us to change anything or touch up something that our eyes may have missed.


Interior Painting


Exterior Painting


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