Even though it does rain most of the year in the Pacific Northwest we do run into a few months where having an automatic irrigation system installed on your property makes your life a lot easier. An irrigation system allows you the peace of mind that all of your plants and your lawn are getting the water it needs without you even thinking about it.

Our irrigation systems are built to last and to be maintained with ease. Standard features of our irrigation systems include: minimum trench depth of twenty four inches to ensure pipes are deep and protected, backflow valves are standard to protect you and your neighbors potable water supply, schedule 40 one inch lines to ensure
adequate flow, valves that are easily removable for maintenance if necessary, flexible risers to avoid broken pipes from sprinkler heads being stepped on or run over, and fully customizable digital programmable timers. We also offer to install drip systems to each individual plant with adjustable flows to ensure proper watering, rain delay sensors, as well as designing your landscape with plants and features to use minimal amounts of water.

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