Whether it is interior or exterior to your home there are processes in place to ensure there is a consistently high quality result every time. As a general blanketed rule they are outlined as follows:


Prepwork is all the activities leading up to actually installing or applying the finished product. In painting it includes cleaning the surfaces thoroughly with a cleaning agent, masking windows, scrapping, priming, spackling, texturing, etc. In landscaping it includes removal of all the unwanted debris and growth. In irrigation it involves planning, laying out, trenching etc. Ultimately prep work when it is done properly will be the factor that leads to the job being a long lasting solution.


In this phase we are banking on the fact that the prep work is done properly so that everything goes smoothly and according to plan. Sod is brought in, seeds are laid, bark is spread, plants are planted. Pipes are fit, valves are tested. Paint is applied, fascia and molding are cut in. Rock walls are built, fence boards are hung, decking is
fastened. Drywall mud is applied and sanded smooth. All these things go smooth and efficiently when the prep work is done properly.


In the clean up phase we are banking on the fact that we maintained a neat and orderly work environment throughout the job. Clean up should not have to take very long if drop cloths and masking are properly used. If proper precautions are taken when landscaping there shouldn’t be mud that needs to be cleaned up everywhere. Ultimately in this phase we want to ensure that before we get to the next phase it looks as if we were never here.


The final phase of the job is when we have completed all of the above steps to the best of our ability and are ready to present our work to you. You may see us cleaning up, but that doesn’t mean we are done, we’re likely just trying to be efficient. We’ll let you know when we are ready to call it a finished product, and when we do we will do a complete walk around and tweak anything the way you see fit, change anything that you need changed, and then once you are 100% satisfied with the work we have done, we will ask for the final payment.

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