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2013 Painting, Staining and Rot Repair Scheduling


Time to Plan your Summertime Projects

It is now officially time to start planning your summer time painting projects.  In the Northwest we have a narrow window to accomplish all of our weather dependent projects such as: Painting, Staining, Rot Repair, Roofs, Fences, Decks, Irrigation Systems, Landscapes, and the ever important American Lawn.  At Cascade Renovations we specialize in helping home owners identify these needs and provide comprehensive solutions to any issues.  Now is the time to get outside and look for potential problems and get on the schedule to get them fixed.  When choosing a contractor to work on your home there are four very important things to look for: Are they licensed, bonded, and insured?  Do they provide you with a comprehensive written description of the work they are going to perform for you?  Do they have a written contract binding the description of the work to the dollar amount?  Do they have and are they willing to provide a list of past clients for references?

Painting and Rot Repair on your Home

We have already booked out our first month of summer production and are ready to get more projects on the schedule! One thing to keep in mind when it comes to painting and maintaining your home is that once you’ve noticed peeling paint it may be the tall tell sign of a much bigger and more serious problem.  Click here to learn about common paint failures.  Three projects I went to bid painting for last season turned into huge rot repair projects; the peeling paint on the siding led to rotten framing and gnarly moisture ant infestations.  Take a look at the Projects page to see pictures of these projects.  In lieu of that experience I encourage all home owners to take advantage of Cascade Renovation’s Free Home Inspection to come out and look at your home and identify potential problems BEFORE they turn into costly repairs that may run into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Schedule an Appointment

We are currently taking appointments for consultations Sunday through Friday, call (253)691-6198 or email Tyler@CascadeRenovations.com to set up a time for me to come and take a look at your project.

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